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Fitness & Alignment

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Robert Bouquet, NASM CPT, CES
Robert is a certified personal Trainer and Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist who provides alignment based classes at Riverstone

Robert hosts  Fitness 4 Everyone. The 4 Corners is referencing the shoulders and hips as a four corner pattern to understand square posture. This presents a reference to alignment that most can adapt to easily. This class will involve tissue maintenance through various methods of foam rolling, stretches and breathing techniques. This class will encompass strengthening the core in a congruent manner, and should offer one to feel less pain, be more efficient physically through anatomical alignment benefits.

Classes with Robert

  • Our goal is to offer a simplistic approach to maintaining one’s alignm...

    Mon, Fri

    18 US dollars
  • Enhance your strength, balance and body awareness with certified Pilat...

    60 US dollars
  • Perfect for Beginners and Expert

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