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Pilates with Carol

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Carol Irving is a local certified Pilates Instructor/Physical Mind Institute : PMA - CPT, PHI Pilates, NPCP, ACSM, AFAA 

Carol initially took Pilates classes as a way to rehab her own shoulder injury. She not only received positive results but fell in love with the Pilates Method. In 1999, Carol delved into her first Pilates training and after completing initial Mat and Reformer instructor certifications, sought out a comprehensive certification with the Physical Mind Institute, and shortly thereafter became a Pilates Method Alliance certified instructor.


Carol keeps a very open mind when it comes to the transformation of the body and soul. She strives to teach creative and fun classes where clients feel challenged - yet successful. As time progressed, she became involved in many facets of the fitness industry. You name the workout, Carol has probably done it, but she always found her way back to Pilates. One of her favorite quotes from Mr. Pilates is “Change happens through movement and movement heals” Her experience teaching Pilates in physical therapy clinics, as well as her fitness background, gives her a well-rounded perspective working with a wide range of clients.


When Carol is not teaching Pilates on land, as an ACA-certified Stand-Up Paddle Board instructor, you may find her teaching SUP or even SUP Pilates.

Current classes with Carol
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